Fantasy Road Race 2014

Team Changes

Before the start of the game at 15:00 GMT on Saturday, 22 March (the Moto3 qualifying session in Qatar), team changes are unlimited.

Once the chequered flag has fallen in Losail, you can make three team changes for every race. These transfers will be available from 00:00 on the Monday morning after each race until the scheduled start time of Moto3 qualifying in the subsequent race.

The Transfer Deadlines for each race are listed on the Race Calendar.

To make changes, click on the TEAM CHANGES button on your team screen and follow the simple on-screen instructions from there, ensuring that your selections remain within the allocated £10m budget and that you always have two riders from each classification.

Transfers will be implemented immediately and will therefore take effect for the next race weekend. However, rider changes can be subsequently cancelled by clicking the CANCEL button on the team screen and your transfer quota will be reimbursed. Once the transfer window has closed, team changes cannot be reversed.