Private Leagues

Private Leagues offer you the chance to create your own mini-league, separate from the overall leaderboard, for you and your friends. It's a great way to enhance your enjoyment of the game and you may well end up beating those closest to you - and that's what really counts!

Of course your team will also compete on the overall leaderboard, but if you fall out of contention to win the main prize, there is always the satisfaction of finishing on top in your own Private League.

How do I set up a Private League?

Once you are logged in simply click on the ENTER NEW LEAGUE button on your team screen and enter the name of the league you wish to create and click CREATE LEAGUE. Each Private League has a PIN, which you can then send out to anyone you want to join your league.

How do I join an existing Private League?

If you already know a Private League Chairman, ask them for their Private League PIN. Once you have this, click on the ENTER NEW LEAGUE button from your own team screen, scroll down to the 'Joining An Existing League' section, enter the League PIN (that you should have been given by the chairman) in the space provided, then hit GO. Make sure this is indeed the Private League you wish to join and then click the JOIN THIS LEAGUE button. You will then be a pending member until the Chairman formally accepts you into the league.