Terms And Conditions

1. If you enter the 'MCN Fantasy Road Race' game through the web site located at then you are bound to play within the terms and conditions of play as specified by Fantasy League Limited, c/o Central Working, 69-89 Mile End Road, London, E1 4TT.

2. ENTRY DEADLINES: Registration details must be entered immediately before team selection. Any team entries received after 04:00 GMT on Saturday, 21 February 2015 will not score points for the first race. After that, only teams entered before the official scheduled start of a race will score points for that race - the scheduled start being several minutes before the actual start of a race.

3. The MCN Fantasy Road Race is completely free of charge to play. However, a strict one entry per person restriction applies.

4. Entrants must be 18 or over as of Saturday, 21 February 2015. Non-UK residents are also eligible to enter, but will be liable to pay shipping costs in order to receive any prizes.

5. By registering for the game the entrant warrants that gambling is not illegal or forbidden in the state or country from which they reside and that Fantasy League Ltd will not be held responsible for any fines in respect. Strictly no entries can be accepted from users in countries where gambling is forbidden. Entry into the Game constitutes permission

6. Incorrect, incomplete or corrupted entries will not be accepted. The computer record of the entry will be considered to be the entry. The decision of Fantasy League Limited is final.

7. TEAM NAMES: Fantasy League reserves the right to refuse team names that are felt in its sole opinion to be inappropriate or offensive. Unsuitable names will be deleted and the team will appear under the manager's name.

8. RIDER LIST: The riders included on the selection list have been determined by Fantasy League. Fantasy League will not enter into any correspondence relating to details of these lists, nor will they accept the inclusion into a fantasy team of any rider not included on the published list. New riders may be included in the lists once the season commences if a team replaces a rider for any reason. Please note that rider values in the 2015 Road Race game are in no way indicative of their real-life salaries.

9. SCORING POINTS: Riders in your team score points based on their performances in their individual classifications as follows: RACE FINISHING POSITION: First 25 points, Second 20 points, Third 16 points, Fourth 13 points, Fifth 11 points, Sixth 10 points, Seventh 9 points, Eighth 8 points, Ninth 7 points, Tenth 6 points, Eleventh 5 points, Twelfth 4 points, Thirteenth 3 points, Fourteenth 2 points, Fifteenth 1 point. In the event of a race being abandoned and officials deciding to double points in any subsequent race(s) to counteract this, points will also be doubled in Fantasy Road Race. GRID POSITION: First 5 points, Second 4 points, Third 3 points, Fourth 2 points, Fifth 1 point. Grid points will only be awarded if they are determined by a qualifying session or based on times from an official practice session. No points are awarded to a rider who races in a different classification to that which they are classified in the Fantasy Road Race competition.

10. TEAM CHANGES: Unlimited team changes are permitted prior to the first Superpole of the season (04:00 GMT on Saturday, 21 February 2015) and all changes are effective immediately. After this date, changes can only be made during the six designated transfer windows as outlined on the Team Changes page, with up to three team changes permitted during each transfer window You must ensure that your team always conforms to the game rules. i.e. that the team's total value does not exceed £10 million and that it has six riders, with two from each classification.

11. GENERAL CONDITIONS: The rules and point structure are all Copyright Fantasy League Limited. No information may be reproduced in any format without prior written consent from Fantasy League Limited.

12. Informative and explanatory copy relating to Fantasy League, including the scoring system and rules, form part of the terms and conditions of this game.

13. The prizes on offer in the 'MCN Fantasy Road Race' game competition are not available to employees of Fantasy League, Bauer Media or associated companies, their relatives, agents or agents' relatives.

14. Fantasy League reserve the right themselves to refuse to accept any entry which, in their opinion, does not comply with the rules and regulations of the competition or which contravenes the spirit of the Fantasy League competition. Fantasy League further have an absolute discretion to disqualify any entry, or vary, amend or waive the rules of the competition at any time and participants agree that no liability shall attach to Fantasy League as a result thereof and that the exercise of such discretion shall not result in any compensation being payable or paid to any participant. It is a condition of entry that all rules are accepted as final and that the competitor agrees to abide by these rules.

15. Any site users or managers found to be attempting or suspected of attempting to hack into any servers or systems run by Fantasy League will be immediately removed from the system and have any subscriptions or payments cancelled. Such users will have no right to any refunds and Fantasy League reserves the right to report the matter to the relevant authorities.

16. PRIZES: Please refer to the Prizes page for a full breakdown of prizes. Overseas prize winners will be liable to pay shipping costs in order to receive their prize.

17. In the event of a tie for all other prizes (Overall and Game Round), teams will be separated by race points scored (i.e. excluding qualifying points) during the relevant period. If a tie still exists, the prize will be awarded to the team that was entered into the competition earliest.

18. Prizes will only be awarded to the manager whose name is originally submitted on the registration form. If a prize winner does not wish to accept a prize, then the prize may be passed to the corresponding runner-up.