Game Rounds

The game is split into six Game Rounds.

Each Game Round has a separate prize, with the winner of each Game Round being the team manager who scores the most points during that period.

The table below shows the dates of these six Game Rounds:

Game Round 1: 21 February to 13 April
Game Round 2: 18 April to 25 May
Game Round 3: 30 May to 6 July
Game Round 4: 11 July to 24 August
Game Round 5: 29 August to 28 September
Game Round 6: 3 October to 9 November

Rider changes can only be made in the transfer windows between Game Rounds, with team changes taking effect immediately for the start of the following Game Round. For more information, please visit the Team Changes page.

For a list of races in each Game Round, check out the Race Calendar.