Your Team

Team Name: run fatboy run
J Lorenzo
D Giugliano
J Brookes
D Pedrosa
T Sykes
J Westmoreland

Team Information

  • Manager: tony king
  • Total Pts: 0
  • Overall Pos: 0
  • Round Pts: 0
  • Round Pos: 0
  • Team Cost: £10m
  • Xfers Done: 10
  • Available for Next Race: 0

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Your Riders

NameMotorbikePrice/£mGame Round PtsOverall Pts
J LorenzoYAMAHA2.800
D PedrosaHONDA2.700
D GiuglianoDUCATI0.800
T SykesKAWASAKI1.200
J BrookesSUZUKI1.700
J WestmorelandHONDA0.800